Manufacturers and Distributors of High Integrity Bolting

Upstream Oil & Gas

Beck Prosper supply bolting to the Upstream Oil & Gas Industries for use in:

Riser Bolts

Riser bolts are special high integrity bolting with demanding metallurgical and physical properties. They connect riser systems (pipeline systems) which are responsible for bringing oil/gas from the seabed to a base station.

They are generally only able to be manufactured by a few capable suppliers out of materials such as A1S1 4340.

Subsea Systems

The Subsea sector have started to ask for high integrity fasteners with more demanding properties and an improved process control. We have been very closely involved with the development of the global subsea sector which has increased the focus on product integrity post Deepwater Horizon and other well documented issues. We have relished this challenge and our Global Technical Manager currently sits on the ASTM Bolting Committee and AWHEM North Sea Committee which keeps us at the forefront of current trends in industry requirements and allows us to anticipate the changing needs of what is becoming an increasingly demanding industry. Requirements are increasing in documentation, testing, inspection and metallography and this is expected to further increase as more severe environments are exploited and legislation intensifies.

On the surface bolting appears to be a relatively straightforward product but given the multitude of exacting demands it can get increasingly complicated and we are now rightly and widely regarded in the industry as a safe pair of hands.