Manufacturers and Distributors of High Integrity Bolting


Beck Prosper supply bolting for OEMs for the use in equipment such as:

Wellhead / Christmas Trees and Valves

These are both very high pressurised systems and are situated on the sea bed, therefore the risk of bolting failure and corrosion levels are extremely high. We are of course well aware of these potential dangers and we have a number of testing and coating procedures in place, for example our bolting can be tested for its strength by a tensile test procedure and we can also perform salt spray testing. We also have anti corrosion coatings available such as galvanising and PTFE.


Beck Prosper manufacture bolting for various makes of turbines. Turbines containing gas or steam require a tight seal to maintain the pressure integrity. We stock various studs, nuts and washers to all specifications and exact requirements.

Bolting supplied for this equipment include, but are not limited to: tap, thru and body bound studs / coupling & jacking bolts / screws & set screws / pins, lockplates, pantleg & nitrided washers, covered, hex  & castle nuts, dowels, rivets, etc.